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Visual Ceiling Light


Visual ceiling light combines elegant design and practicality. Its adjustable arm and fabric shade offer a versatile lighting solution that creates a modern and sophisticated look in any space. Visual ceiling light is designed to meet both aesthetic and functional needs, making it an ideal choice for homes and public spaces.

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  • Height: 60-140 cm
  • Shade diameter: 26 cm
  • Bulb: 1 x E27, max 40 W (bulb not included)
  • Materials: Metal / Brass / Fabric

1579-05 Black / Brass / White Shade


Visual ceiling light is a versatile and elegant fixture that brings a modern look and practicality to many spaces. Its adjustable arm allows you to direct light exactly where it’s needed. The stylish combination of black and brass, along with a white fabric shade, creates a timeless and chic appearance that blends harmoniously with various decor styles.Made from high-quality materials, this light fixture is designed to last and maintain its elegance over time. Its modern design adds a sophisticated and polished atmosphere to any room.


  • Provides targeted lighting and suits various spaces, delivering even and pleasant illumination.
  • Adjustable arm offers flexibility and allows for precise light direction, making it perfect for different spaces and needs.
  • Combines metal, brass, and fabric for a durable and stylish look.


Visual ceiling light is perfect for various spaces, such as living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, or home offices. Its adjustable arm provides flexible and accurate lighting as needed. It can be placed in any room to bring light and elegance. In the living room, the Visual ceiling light creates a warm and inviting ambiance, making the space cozy and elegant. In the dining area, it provides focused light over the dining table, creating a stylish centerpiece. In the kitchen, it can serve as both general lighting and task lighting, illuminating and clarifying work areas. In the home office, it provides sufficient lighting for the workspace, improving working conditions and enhancing the room’s visual appeal.


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