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  • Burj Al Arab – Dubai

    Burj Al Arab – Dubai

    Valaisin Grönlund has manufactured lighting fixtures to one of the world’s most famous luxuryhotel, Jumeirah Burj al Arab in Dubai. Largest lighting fixture was more than 30 meter long lighting installation in the main restaurant. Interior Design was made by Kudos Dsign and Project was operated by Admares.

  • Scandic Helsinki Hub

    Scandic Helsinki Hub

    We were honoured to produce and supply wall lamps and table lamps to each 352 rooms of the hotel as well as lamps for reception, meeting areas and restaurants. All the lamps are specially designed and produced for this unique hotel. All the lamps are made by using LED technology to save energy and to […]

  • Scandic Hamburger Börs

    Scandic Hamburger Börs

    We were honoured to supply bedside table lamps and desk lamps to each room of the hotel as well as floor lamps and wall lamps to certain rooms at the magnificent Scandic Hamburger Börs. The bedside table lamps and desk lamps were custom made according to the customer’s wishes. The hotel consists of 272 rooms […]

  • Hotel Kakola

    Hotel Kakola

    Design by Grönlund supplied decorative interior lighting to the unique Hotel Kakola – a hotel renovated from the famous and one the oldest prisons in Finland. We delivered plenty of luminaires from cell rooms to suites, covering in total of 150 rooms. Also the public areas and the main restaurant were decorated with Design by […]

  • Hotel Klaus K

    Hotel Klaus K

    Klaus K -hotel. Photographer: Aku Mattila. In cooperation with Eurokangas and GP&J Baker.

  • Holiday Club Caribia Villas

    Holiday Club Caribia Villas

    Lighting of hotel villas at Holiday Club Caribia, Turku

  • Hilton Bimini

    Hilton Bimini

    Valaisin Grönlund on valmistanut ja toimittanut hotellihuoneiden, sviittien, SPAn, ravintoloiden ja muiden yleisten tilojen valaisimet turkulaisen Kudos Dsignin suunnittelijoiden suunnittelemaan ja Almacon toteuttamaan Hilton Biminiin keväällä 2016 avattuun hotelliin Bahamalle.

  • Holiday Club Saimaan Villat

    Holiday Club Saimaan Villat
  • Holiday Club Katinkulta Villa

    Holiday Club Katinkulta Villa


    Hotellihuoneen valaisimet vientikohteeseen.

  • Naantalin Kylpylä (Le Soleil-ravintola)

    Naantalin Kylpylä (Le Soleil-ravintola)
  • Finnair-Lounget Helsinki-Vantaa lentoasema

    Finnair-Lounget Helsinki-Vantaa lentoasema
  • Helsingin messukeskuksen ravintola

    Helsingin messukeskuksen ravintola
  • Mein Schiff-risteilijät

    Mein Schiff-risteilijät
  • Fazer -kahvilat

    Fazer -kahvilat
  • Hus Lindman, Ravintola Åbo Akademi Turku

    Hus Lindman, Ravintola Åbo Akademi Turku
  • Fazer Henkilöstöravintolat

    Fazer Henkilöstöravintolat
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