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Black Arm tablelamp with powerful adjustable LED panel. The Arm table lamp has built-in 12 W LED.

Lighting Design

The Grönlund Design Team designs lighting fixtures for both the Design by Grönlund lighting collection and lighting projects – including hotels, ships, shopping centers, stores, and public spaces.

The aim of the design is to produce lighting fixtures that appeal to individual style, whether the client is a consumer or a business.

Grönlund Design Team

At the heart of the Grönlund Design Team beats a passion for creating unique lighting fixtures that not only illuminate a space but also add style and individuality to it. Our goal is to enrich people’s lives by offering lighting that reflects the owners’ personality and the sophistication of their decor.

Each of our designs is a carefully considered combination of easy-to-install design and structural sturdiness, using only the best, durable materials. We are dedicated to creating lighting fixtures that not only meet the lighting needs of a space but also enhance its aesthetic value. In selecting surface materials, we start with a wide palette of colors and materials, conducting thorough tests before settling on our final color options, ensuring that each of our lighting fixtures meets the needs of various decor solutions.

Our design team, consisting of product design and electrical engineering experts, combines decades of experience with an innovative design process that begins with traditional sketching with pen and paper. This creative phase generates new, inspiring ideas that are further refined using advanced 3D modeling programs. The final, considered appearance of the lamp is achieved through 3D design and photorealistic renderings, and before starting production, we create a prototype, which we fine-tune to perfection.

Grönlund Design Team design light fixtures, Lighting Design

Grönlund Design Team design light fixtures, Lighting Design

Project Design

The Grönlund Design Team doesn’t just create lighting fixtures; we shape light itself. Our own Design by Grönlund lighting collection is merely the tip of the iceberg, as our team also designs custom lighting fixtures for a wide variety of projects – from hotels and restaurants to the luxurious spaces of ocean liners, trains, and lavish yachts. Whether it’s a store, shopping center, retail shop, brick-and-mortar store, or gym; we possess the skill and experience to execute visionary lighting design that perfectly meets the client’s needs.

Our process begins when a client presents their idea, whether as a drawing, a sketch, or a verbal description. From that moment forward, our Design Team embraces the challenge, designing a purpose-fit, visually compelling lighting fixture. We present our proposal to the client through modern 3D visualizations, presentations, and videos, offering them the opportunity to provide detailed feedback. Through an intensive design process and dialogue, we continue working until we achieve a result that fulfills the client’s expectations.

Afterwards, we offer a competitive quote, and upon acceptance, we begin the manufacture of a prototype. The production and delivery of the lighting fixtures are initiated following the client’s approval, taking into consideration that although our design process is flexible and swift, production and transportation times need to be accounted for. Every project presents us with an opportunity to bring light and beauty to spaces, creating customized lighting fixtures that reflect Grönlund’s commitment to quality and individuality.

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