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PEN Uplight LED Floor Lamp


The PEN Uplight LED floor lamp epitomizes modern design and functionality, suitable for any space. Its elegant upright design and efficient, fixed LED light sources offer the perfect combination for both reading and creating ambiance. The matte black finish allows it to integrate seamlessly into both modern and classic interiors.

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  • Fixed LED 4.5 W
  • 3000 K
  • Material: metal

3766-05 Matte black / opal glass


The PEN Uplight LED floor lamp is an excellent choice for those who appreciate both aesthetic and practical design in their home lighting. This lamp combines stylish design and functionality, providing light as needed. The matte black finish and clean lines make it a timeless choice for any room. The lamp’s two separate light sources, for both general and task lighting, offer optimal illumination ideal for both work and relaxation. The warm white light creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere for everyday moments.


This floor lamp is designed with durability and longevity in mind. Its light sources produce soft and warm light, making it perfect for both reading and general lighting. The matte black frame makes the lamp visually pleasing and easy to match with different interior styles. The lamp’s LED technology is highly energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption and providing cost savings. Additionally, the lamp is designed for practicality, being easy to move and place wherever needed in the home or office.


The PEN Uplight LED floor lamp is a versatile lighting solution suitable for various spaces and purposes. It is an ideal addition to the living room, study, or bedroom, providing optimal lighting for reading, working, or simply enhancing the ambiance. The lamp’s modern design and warm adjustable light also make it an excellent choice for reception areas or waiting rooms, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment. Its versatility and style make it an essential part of contemporary interior decor.

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