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Halo LED Floor Lamp


The Halo LED floor lamp combines elegant design and top-level lighting technology in a stylish package. The lamp allows for optimal brightness with its dimmable LED light, suitable for efficient working, comfortable reading, or creating a relaxing atmosphere.

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  • Height: 130 – 240 cm
  • Depth: 28 – 120 cm
  • Fixed LED 10 W
  • 3000 K
  • Dimmable
  • Material: metal

3360-05 Matte black


The Halo LED floor lamp combines functionality and elegance with its stylish design and high-quality lighting technology. This floor lamp features a dimmable LED light, allowing you to adjust the brightness for different activities. The design focuses on flexibility and user-friendliness. Its sleek and clean-lined design in a matte black finish fits seamlessly into both modern and classic interiors, adding a sophisticated touch to any room.

The lamp’s stable structure and high-quality materials ensure durability and longevity, making it a reliable light source for years. The Halo LED floor lamp is ideal for those seeking a versatile lighting solution. It provides efficient lighting while also serving as a decorative element. Its versatility and elegance make it a central part of home lighting solutions enhancing both practicality and visual enjoyment.


  • The height of the Halo LED floor lamp can be adjusted between 130 cm and 240 cm, offering excellent versatility to adapt to any space.
  • The lamp includes a dimmable LED light, suitable for different times of the day with either bright or ambient lighting.


This lamp is designed to offer maximum flexibility and adaptability. Height and depth adjustments make it ideal for spaces that value both practicality and visual appeal. The lamp is also excellent for creating ambiance in living areas or providing focused lighting for desks. Its highly flexible adjustment options make this floor lamp a necessary addition to versatile and dynamic living spaces.

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