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Carnival Pendant Light


Carnival pendant light brings a fun and colorful look to any space. Its modern design combined with the elegance of a classic glass shade makes it an ideal choice for a modern home.

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  • Diameter: 16 cm
  • Height: 58 cm
  • Bulb: 1 x E14, max 40 W (bulb not included)
  • Cord length: 3 m (adjustable)
  • Hook attachment + light plug
  • Materials: glass shades / metal ceiling cup



The Carnival pendant light is designed to attract attention and create a joyful atmosphere in any space. The colorful glass balls and sleek glass shade bring both playfulness and elegance to the room. The light’s compact dimensions make it suitable for both small and large spaces. The color options for this light include bold pastel shades: pink, grass green, and sky blue, which reflect light in different ways to create a unique visual effect.


  • Colorful glass balls add vibrancy and dynamism to the space.
  • Adjustable cord length allows for versatile installation options for different ceiling heights.
  • Easy bulb replacement and compatibility with many bulbs available on the market.
  • Hook attachment and light plug offer easy installation without special electrical work.
  • The glass material is durable and easy to maintain, beautifully reflecting light.


The Carnival pendant light is an ideal solution for various spaces such as the living room, bedroom, children’s room, or even above the dining table. Its playful design is particularly suited to modern interiors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Additionally, its long cord allows for placement on higher ceilings, making it a versatile lighting solution.


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