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Nordic Ceiling Light


The Nordic ceiling light combines Scandinavian design with modern style. Its clean and simple appearance makes it an ideal light source for modern spaces.

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  • Diameter: 30 cm
  • Bulb: 1 x E27, max 40 W (bulb not included)
  • Cord length: 3 m (adjustable)
  • Hook attachment + light plug
  • Material: metal

17230-36: Matte gray
17230-06: Matte white


The Nordic ceiling light combines Scandinavian design with modern style, where simplicity and functionality are key. This light is designed to produce even and soft illumination, making it a perfect addition to both living rooms and kitchens. The high-quality metal frame and durable metal shade ensure longevity and easy maintenance. The white and gray color options allow the light to blend seamlessly into various interior styles.


  • The lamp’s shade diameter suits various spaces, providing targeted light.
  • The lamp uses one E27 base bulb with a maximum power of 40 watts. Changing the bulb is easy, making maintenance effortless.
  • A 3-meter long cord offers flexibility in lamp placement. The cord length can be adjusted as needed, making it easy to install and fit different ceiling heights.
  • Hook attachment with a light plug allows for easy installation without electrical work. This makes the lamp an excellent option for spaces where permanent changes are not desired.
  • High-quality metal ensures the lamp’s durability and long lifespan. The use of metal also enhances the product’s aesthetics, giving it a modern and clean look.

Color Options

  • Matte gray: Suitable for contemporary spaces, the gray finish adds softness and neutral elegance.
  • Matte white: Bright and fresh white finish reflects light effectively, enhancing the sense of space.


The Nordic ceiling light is an ideal choice for any modern or Scandinavian interior. It is perfect for living rooms, kitchens, workspaces, or bedrooms. Its timeless design and high-quality light output make it a versatile light source that combines functionality and visual appeal.


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