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Levels Ceiling Light


The Levels ceiling light brings a unique combination of visual elegance and functionality to the space. The light’s specialty lies in its two separate light sources, with the soft general light filtered through the clear acrylic panels while the direct downward light provides intense illumination for the surfaces below.

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  • Fixed LED 11.5 W + 6.5 W
  • 3000 K
  • TRIAC dimmable
  • Cord length: 3 m (adjustable)
  • Hook attachment + light plug
  • Material: metal

3766-05 Matte black / acrylic panels


The Levels ceiling light is designed to combine stylish design and innovative lighting technology. It offers both general and downward-directed light. This light is especially versatile for many spaces. The general light reflected from its upper part creates soft and even illumination through the stylish acrylic panels. Meanwhile, the direct light source in the lower part provides intense and focused light on the surfaces below. This makes it ideal for dining tables or workspaces.


Special attention has been paid to the details in the design of the light. The black metal frame combined with matte white acrylic panels creates a modern yet timeless look. This fits both modern and traditional interiors. The appearance of the light is compact, but its functionality is maximized. TRIAC dimmability allows users to adjust the light intensity according to the situation. This enhances the light’s practicality and energy efficiency.


The Levels ceiling light is an ideal choice for various spaces. It offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The Levels LED ceiling light is perfect for the living room, bedroom, or workspace. The light illuminates the space effectively. It also serves as a central design element that completes and elevates the room’s appearance. Its energy-efficient, dimmable LED technology provides practicality and longevity. This makes it a durable investment for any modern home or office.

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