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Acoustic Circulo


Elegant sound absorbing pendant light Acoustic Circulo has three important features in one: acoustic effect, good light and stylish design. Simple modern design with clean lines combined with a very good and pleasant light and with the sound absorbing effect makes this lamp unique.

Timeless design and simplicity gives you the possibility to use this lamp in a variety of places and makes it an ideal choice for most interiors. The acoustic effect is tested and the lamp is specially desinged for places where you need an additional sound absorbing element.

Acoustic Circulo is wonderful in its simplicity alone but gets an extra allure and helps you to reduce noice if you hang several or different sizes in a group. Hanging the pendants in different heights in a group gives the room a special character. Basic colours are white, light grey, dark grey and black. Material is recyclable acoustic felt and acoustic wool, aluminium and acryl.

  • Diameter: 60 cm / 80 cm/ 120 cm
  • Fixed LED: 32 W / 48 W / 70 W (included)
  • 2550 lm / 3350 lm / 6800 lm
  • 3000 K / 4000 K
  • TRIAC-dimmable
  • Lenght of wires: 3 m (adjustable)

Product codes
130660-06-3000-felt color ø 60 cm, 3000 K
130680-06-3000-felt color ø 80 cm, 3000 K
1306120-06-3000-felt color ø 120 cm, 3000 K

130660-06-4000-felt color ø 60 cm, 4000 K
130680-06-4000-felt color ø 80 cm, 4000 K
1306120-06-4000-felt color ø 120 cm, 4000 K

Acoustic felts
501 White acoustic felt
502 Light grey acoustic felt
502 Dark grey acoustic felt
504 Black acoustic felt

Note: When ordering, write to additional information field desired color temperature “”3000 K”” or “”4000 K””.

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